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STAND WITH UKRAINE - Leather cuff Bracelet - Ukraine Flag Bracelet – Two styles

STAND WITH UKRAINE - Leather cuff Bracelet - Ukraine Flag Bracelet – Two styles

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This handmade genuine leather cuff bracelet is 1.25" wide. The leather strap is new and not repurposed. The cuff closes with a triple snap and will fit wrists 6-9 inches.

This cuff is made from full grain cowhide. It is actually quite soft and pliable upon purchase but will soften even further as you wear it. It is lightweight and unique! No two are the same, there will be slight variations in materials used.

There are two styles, one is a blue leather strap with a brooch that is hand painted and distressed metal base. The other is a tan leather strap with a metal flag and peace sign. Both are very unique. The colors of the bracelet represent the Ukrainian flag, blue and yellow. Please tell people about it when you wear it.

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The measurements listed here are the dimensions of the actual cuff. To make sure it fits you, I suggest that you measure your wrist with a soft measuring tape. You can also use a string and wrap it around your wrist, then lay it down on a regular ruler to see the actual measurement. After measuring yourself, make sure the size of your wrist fits within these dimensions comfortably. Custom sizes can be made, please feel free to contact me.

Every cuff is stamped with a flying peach above the middle snap [see photo example]. That's how you know I made it! It takes me a couple of days to make these, so please realize I will ship about a week after I receive the order.

These cuffs are not waterproof. Please do not wear them swimming, in the shower or doing sports. You will ruin the bracelet if this happens. I also highly recommend that you don’t wear the bracelet while sleeping.


Thank you for viewing and for helping Ukraine!

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