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CarBoMeadows Studio

Milky Way - mountains, stars, resin window art

Milky Way - mountains, stars, resin window art

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This piece will make you feel like you in the mountains looking at the night sky as the Milky Way makes its appearance. It will make you feel the cool fresh mountain air and the constellations will pull you in! There are stars, mountains, and the Milky Way. Photos don’t really show the detail in the resin art.

This is a one of kind piece and is ready to ship. Have you ever heard the song “Milky Way” by the Australian rock group “The Church”? That song inspired this piece. It is in a 12 x 12 frame which is painted with a light green olive pearl paint.

It is done on Plexiglas so it is basically unbreakable. The resin protects the stones and the setting of the mountains. Do you have a custom order, just let me know by sending me a message. There are several shipping choices. I can also send by UPS.

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