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Leather cuff bracelet 1.5 inch, gorgeous vintage Sarah Coventry jewelry, gold tone centerpiece, stunning!

Leather cuff bracelet 1.5 inch, gorgeous vintage Sarah Coventry jewelry, gold tone centerpiece, stunning!

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I have always loved vintage jewelry, but these days people aren’t wearing pins and brooches like they used to. When my mother died at 89, I found myself with a whole box full of brooches, pins and earrings that I just didn’t know what to do with. So, I decided to start repurposing them by making leather cuff bracelets. I also find a lot of items at estate sales, thrift shops etc. It excites me to breathe new life into these old classics by adding a modern flair. Plus, they are FUN!

I carefully choose every material used on my cuffs to compliment the centerpiece. Here we have a lovely 1.5-inch-wide genuine leather cuff bracelet in light brown. It is great quality leather that isn't too bulky and is quite pliable upon purchase. It will soften further the more you wear it. It is lightweight and unique! The leather strap is new and not repurposed. The cuff closes with three snaps, is adjustable and will fit wrists 6-8 inches.

Attached as the centerpiece is a beautiful vintage stamped Sarah Coventry ornate oval brooch, with gorgeous appointments and a sunflower in the middle. This stunning handmade cuff bracelet makes a delightful gift! The centerpiece is surrounded with a filigree metal base in distressed black with black rivets and snaps. The measurements listed here are the dimensions of the actual cuff. To make sure it fits you, I suggest that measure your wrist with a soft measuring tape. You can also use a string and wrap it around your wrist, then lay it down on a regular ruler to see the actual measurement. After measuring yourself, make sure the size of your wrist fits within these dimensions comfortably.

This cuff is stamped with a flying peach above the middle snap [see photo example]. That's how you know I made it! These cuffs are not waterproof. Please do not wear them swimming, in the shower or doing sports. You will ruin the bracelet if this happens. I also highly recommend that you don’t wear the bracelet while sleeping. You will need to take care while wearing this, but it is sturdy and will soften with wear.

Your cuff will come to you in a pretty gift box…ready for gift giving or to pamper yourself! Makes a great gift! This unique bracelet is one of a kind and will never be duplicated, at least not by me. If only the brooch could talk!

Some history on Sarah Coventry jewelry: Lyman K. Stuart, son of Charles H. Stuart, founded Emmons Home Fashions in 1948, naming the company in honor of his mother, Caroline Emmons Stuart. Soon afterward, the company's name was changed to Emmons Jewelry, Inc. Sarah Coventry jewelry was introduced not long after the Emmons brand was born and was also sold through jewelry parties. The newer line's name honored Lyman Stuart's granddaughter, Sarah Coventry Beale. Emmons Jewelry was sold by the original company until about 1981 when it declared bankruptcy. Several markings were used throughout the life of the company. Marks include: the initials Ce, with a small "e" tucked inside a larger "C" and placed under a crown the letters EmJ the word Emmons, either alone or with a © symbol above the name in earlier years; later pieces had the symbol stamped to the left of the name ©SARAHCOV ©SARAH SAC Sarah Cov ©COVENTRY Some items had metal hang tags with markings. Jewelry boxes were marked with larger plates. Sarah Coventry jewelry was most popular during the 1950s and 1960s and continued to be offered at home parties for a few years after the company's 1981 bankruptcy. The jewelry brand passed through a few more owners, including a Canadian company, but never regained its former popularity and has disappeared from today's market.


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