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Faux Stained Glass, "Eat a Peach” - Allman Brothers Band - collectors, fan favorite

Faux Stained Glass, "Eat a Peach” - Allman Brothers Band - collectors, fan favorite

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I’ve had dozens of requests to do this so here goes! This lovely faux stained-glass version of the classic “Eat a Peach” album by The Allman Brothers Band is made to order.

Each one is an individual with slight color variations. The glass paint is not UV stable, but it is coated with a heavy duty sealer and is on GLASS. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get plexiglass so I had to make the decision to use up the glass that I have piles of. The finished product is stronger than the glass itself as it it coated in resin, but you should still safeguard it from dropping as it will break.

To guard against fading, I would advise not to put in a window that has strong sun shining through. This piece is 11x14 inches and framed in a re-purposed wood frame [total measurements approx. 12x16], you can have any color frame of your choosing, or natural wood. The one in the photo has a pewter gray metallic frame, looks great. Just message me with your request.

The edges of the design mimic the colors of the album cover, but are subtle. It will come with hooks for hanging. Being that this is made to order and hand constructed and painted, please allow about 1-2 weeks of processing and drying time prior to shipment. This item is in honor of and to commemorate the best band of all time: The Allman Brothers Band. RIP and run free Brother Gregg Allman: 05.27.2017.


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