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Cookbook - Cinagro Farm Family Favorites - Norwegian/Dutch/German/Italian/Czech

Cookbook - Cinagro Farm Family Favorites - Norwegian/Dutch/German/Italian/Czech

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Cinagro Farm is a beautiful cookbook. It has a durable cardstock cover with a lovely picture of a barn on a Midwest farm. The lovely colors of periwinkle, forest green, bright orange make the landscape striking; and there's a cute red barn. It is secured by a green comb binding, which allows the book to rest open easily.

There are approximately 500 recipes on 250 pages. This recipe book in its first edition was released in 2007, but the author has been working on it 20 years. The book honors the ancestors of the author and her husband. It includes some heirloom recipes from the family's Norwegian, Dutch, German, Czechoslovakian and Italian backgrounds. It has some yummy stuff in it, including Cranberry Bread, Swedish Meatballs, Corn Chowder, Italian Wedding Soup, Pesto, Garlic & Oil Pasta, Beef Brisket, Leg of Lamb, Chocolate Pecan Pie. Just thumbing through it will cause the digestive juices to flow.

This is a really neat cookbook. I hope that someday Carol will write a book in which she includes stories behind her recipes. She is a very articulate writer. Highly recommended!

--Mary Lou Cheatham (author) "The Collard Patch"

These are brand new, unopened books, signed by the author.


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