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Welcome to my website where I am now selling everything that I sold on Etsy for a number of years.  Click on the "SHOP" tab at the top, have a look around and tell me what you think!

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I've always had a love for The Allman Brothers Band as well as many others.  I make several "faux stained glass" album covers to commemorate my favorites. This lovely faux stained-glass version of the album "Enlightened Rogues" by The Allman Brothers Band is made to order and is 12x12 like an album cover.  Each one is an individual with color variations, no two are alike.  I use glass paint and then seal it with a resin coat. I do some work on glass, but most on Plexiglas. 

Please view photos below.  I have been commissioned for custom designs as well. I just finished 50 inch custom Plexiglas panels for a mountainside A-frame as well as two door panels.


Mandala painting

I love to paint mandalas on rocks and even jewelry trays and coasters.  

This is a hand painted river rock from North Carolina.  This one  (pictured) isn't available but yours will be made to order in the colors  of your choice. Message me to give me your specifics.  I find them and  choose them directly from the stream in my back yard in North Carolina  and they are stunning when finished.

Use this rock as a reminder  to quietly do something nice for someone each & every day.  The  simple act of caring creates an endless ripple. Pay it forward.

These  make great gifts!  Each one will be a different size and shape (up to  about 2 pounds). Please allow time for painting, drying, prepping and  shipping (at least 1 week).  They ship Priority Mail - flat rate.

Rocks are weather protected and can be placed outside, but are too nice for that! 


We have a variety of fun items. Check them out in the store.

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My rendition of the historic Tapoco Lodge sign

North Carolina & National Park art

I love music, nature and whimsical things.....

My art encompasses many aspects of myself, one aspect is my love of nature, my mountain surroundings and our national parks. I make keychains with mountain views as well as others like the "Blue Ridge Parkway" sign, all to commemorate this glorious state and western mountains.

I am in love with our National Parks. We are truly a fortunate nation to have such national treasures. I have begun creating faux stained glass copies of vintage National Park posters, the first one is the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. These are the art and soul of America!

I also love to do business signs in faux stained-glass. Check out the Tapoco Lodge sign above. a work of love and such a great remembrance for anyone of their visit to the lodge. The Hub is also featured. More to come!

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I am a work in progress and am always creating new items that make me feel good, perhaps they'll make you feel good too! Keep checking back for updates. The Etsy shop always has new items, you just never know when they will be posted!


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